Say Goodbye to
Contract Chaos

iON Contracts is a municipal contract and vendor management platform bringing operational efficiency to local government.

We are on a mission to defeat Contract Chaos!

Contract Chaos is when a department’s operations are consumed by chronic delays, errors, and overall confusion. It manifests itself in cluttered inboxes and disorganized workflows, and it leads to wasted resources, exhausted public employees, and poor quality of government.

Contract Chaos is the symptom of a department forced to manage too many contracts and vendors with too few technological tools.

Why Choose iON Contracts

Organizational Efficacy

iON brings clarity and predictability to the otherwise chaotic nature of vendor management. It empowers municipal agencies to build streamlined processes and get the most out of their valuable human capital.

Easy Implementation

iON features an intuitive user interface, on platform training guides, and easy to use navigation and analytical features. Most importantly, iON syncs with email, allowing departments to onboard staff and vendors with minimal change to their existing operations.


iON logs and date stamps all events and communications over each contract’s lifecycle allowing management to pinpoint errors and providing departments with an auditable record should they ever need one.


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